It’s a Nerd Culture Wedding part 2

Posted by David On September 21, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Yay, we’re married!

Everything went very well (I didn’t trip over or stuff up the vows) and we would like to thank everyone for their well wishes.

As promised, here are a few wedding photos –

This is our cake. I was inspired by a picture I saw on the interweb. Crystal and I are attempting to fight off our Maid of Honor and Best Man, who have unfortunately been turned into ravening Zombies. I’m using a sword and Crystal a cricket bat.

Another shot of the cake.

Me and my groomspeople – Richo (fellow NCP Crewmember), Erin (from the Black Panel), & Kristy (one of my closest friends & not a nerd).

Despite my protests, my beautiful bride prefers that no photos of her get posted, sorry ladies.

Tomorrow we will return to our regular scheduled programming, with a Spotlight On….the Terminator!

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