Shadow of a Doubt spec

Posted by Brian On August 16, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to my latest WoW spec – Shadow of a Doubt.  This spec is designed around the dismal chance of hope that you opponent(s) will have to defeat you, bombarding them with instant cast Shadow Bolts.

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The method to enact this madness is to make sure all enemies have Corruption on them at all times whether it’s from a hard cast, or a Soulburn: Seed of Corruption. I have tried this spec with a minimal gear setup on combat dummies, and if you have enough targets taking damage from Corruption, you can pretty much just cast instant Shadow Bolts most of the time, until a few of the targets are dead, or you heavily damage them all, depending on how much you scroll through your targets.


The rotation is to pick your main target then

Haunt > Shadowbolt > Unstable Affliction > Corruption > Bane of Agony

Ensure any other targets have Corruption and Bane of Agony on them at all times. Continue to bombard your main target with Shadow Bolts until dead then move to the next target etc. Don’t forget to use Howl of Terror to keep them off of you if you need to. If you start running low on hit points, using Drain Life will not only help to keep your life up, but it will also allow extra chances of casting more instant Shadow Bolts!


I recommend the Fel Hunter as the active demon for this spec. Its ability to remove magic and deal damage to the primary target is handy.


I recommend a high amount of Haste, followed by Crit. This will allow your Corruption and Drain Life ticks to proc more often for the chance of instant Shadow Bolts, and provide higher damage from the ticks and bolts.

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