He’s a diamond in the Ruff

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This is the stuff that makes legends.  When the actions of one character turn the odds and save his party, those actions deserve to be immortalised.  A recent DDO quest showed the calibre of our guild, The Bro Code and in particular a Dwarf called Ruff.

At the end of a campaign called The Jungle of Kyber, adventurers need to fight a massive boss called The Inevitable. The Inevitable is a thirty foot tall construct (an intelligent Golem) with sonic attack on one hand that stuns and an electrical attack on the other that blinds. The Inevitable regenerates so if any attack falters health slowly builds increasing the imperative to hit him fast and hard.  All this besides the usual monstrous attack of just plain monumental bludgeoning force. The Inevitable is scary. We knew we were in for a snotting.

The room that the boss fight occurs seals when the fight commences so the usual trick of releasing (quitting the quest) healing and jumping back into the quest would not work here.  We had one chance to get this guy otherwise we’d have to start the quest from scratch. The first time we came close, but it was clear we were going to need speciality weapons. The second time, we were completely snotted by two mini bosses, a +5 level Troll with extraordinary regenerative abilities and a +9 level Beholder that killed with a look.

Third time, now equipped with Deathblock armour, chaos weaponry and an extra level for good measure, we re-entered the battle. Most of us were killed in a flash of lightning. Ruff the Dwarf though was still running and run he did.  While the rest of us scrambled to find ways of salvaging what was looking like another failed attempt, he just ran the entire circumference of the room keeping The Inevitable distracted.

Once again we started our attacks, this time staying well clear of the circling monster and the tasty dwarfish bait. Our attacks were all range, nothing ostentatious that may attract his attention and all attacks ceased when the monster lumbered close enough to notice. Comments such as, You know he’s a natural sprinter, very dangerous over short distances, started being spouted as the groups moral lifted and The Inevitable health was whittled away. With a strangled roar the monster crashed to the ground at Ruff’s feet. The ordeal was over, and a legend was born.

Last weekend my character, an elven thief called Philipia, found herself in a similar situation when a Fire Giant spotted her breaking into his throne room in Stormcleave Outpost. Instantly the call went up from the party, Do a Ruff! I clicked my haste and high tailed it around the room with the fire giant lumbering after. Eventually the giant was killed, another quest completed with no loss of life thanks to the ingenuity and fast feet of one dwarf. Well done Ruff, you’re a credit to motley crew that call themselves The Bro Code.

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    PS. The Inevitable was much bigger. Honest!

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