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Posted by Brian On July 5, 2011 1 COMMENT

Welcome to a special edition WoW Yoda!

My last spec, Conviction, received quite a bit of feedback, including this post by Zendfrim:

‘Oh great WOW Yoda, please give a rogue pvp spec to help with ripping the ugly faces off the horde.’

Who am I to deny such a request, especially since I too hate the Horde! So, here is the spec I made just for you Zendfrim, the Face Ripper :


This spec should have enough points to give you enough survivability in PvP to last long enough to “rip” the ugly horde faces off.  The interesting part about this spec, is that you can actually move faster in stealth than you can without it.  Also, while you are stealth (and just coming out of stealth) Overkill will give 30% additional energy regeneration, to help you tear up your enemy even faster.  Plus, if you have the time, Blackjack will allow you to gain an upper hand on any melee enemy for 8 secs, with the 70% reduction to their damage.  To further assist with your survival, you will want to try to keep your Recuperate on whenever you can, since that will be a total of 16% damage reduction at all times from just talents alone.

As for your poisons, I would recommend Deadly and Wounding.  They should help out to prevent them from healing, and also does great damage over time, and allows for Envenom.  Also, using Rupture and Garrote is a good idea, because Venomous Wounds will get to deal its damage more often.  Just remember to take your time, you should have enough dots, to really chip away the enemy hit points until you are ready to throw out those finishers and Mutilates to gain your points.  Also, you don’t have to wait for 5 combo points to use your Recuperate, because the 6% gain even for a few seconds from a couple of points, will be more than worth it.


Here are my updated findings on Face Ripper.  With only 2 pieces of PvP gear on this toon this spec has the survivability of having 5 pieces of PvP gear.  The main things that seems low, for the moment, is the damage.  My main reason for this is due to the nature of it being based mainly on dots.  However, even with this being the case, I have started to reforge my gear to increase my mastery, thus greatly improving my poison damage.  This has started to prove to enhance my damage output by a great deal.

One tip that will greatly enhance the damage, is to use Deadly Poison on the off hand weapon, if the off hand is either slower or the same speed as your main hand weapon.  Then, make your other weapon have Instant or Wounding.  Also, be sure to use Envenom at every opportunity, because not only does it do more damage, but it allows you a higher chance to apply Deadly Poison, and if you are at 5 stacks, it automatically applies the damage of your other poison.

I hope this helps you tear them to pieces and thank you so much for your interest with nerdculturepodcast!

Good luck

-WoW Yoda

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  1. Zendfrim says:

    Hello again my friend, I figured I would post this on your site so as to communicate with you quicker. My Druid is next in my list of characters to pvp and I wanted to get your ideas on a super healing spec so as to offset the horrible gear she will be starting with. I think Druid healing will be a great new experience for me.

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