Podcast – Episode #1

Posted by David On May 27, 2011 2 COMMENTS

Episode #1 features:

Popcorn Junkie: Source Code

Dust Jacket: The Dispossessed

From the Racks: Action Comics #900

War Room: NCP’s Top 5 Villains


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  1. Mike "The Duke" says:

    My only comment around superman renouncing his citizenship with the United States is that if Clark Kent is still meant to be as american as apple pie, they are infact one in the same person and from a legal stand point, Superman renouncing his citizenship means Clark has also renounced it, like it or not. This is not grey by any means. Therefore, if Clark is still in the US, then they could arrest him for being an illegal alien and more so, since he has no country of origin, he is therefore in political limbo and would remain in gaol forever.

    Yes I know that he could easily break out and that no one knows he is Clark Kent, but there is more to it than this I believe.

  2. Mike "The Duke" says:

    Top Villians. I personally will disagree with some choices there. But one of the things that I agree with is that a great villian just can’t be out and out evil. The best villian show that they are human in many respects.

    But also often, there is more of the villian in the hero that the hero would like to know, or really want.

    I take Luke, he has to be ever vigilant tha he doesn’t fall to the darkside. And it wasn’t until his error in Empire of rushing off to see Vader that I think a lot sunk in about the journey to the dark side. And this is what seperates the villans from the heros.

    The Batman and Joker. Well, to mean they are different sides of the same coin. Batman has a decent amount of craziness in him. You need to if you are going to tackle that side of crime in gotham. It is shown beautifully in the Batman Arkham Asylum. The Joker is crazy, but he is also very logical in his thoughts knowing how he can goad Bbatman. Though I love both Heath and Jack portrayal of the Joker, to me the best portrayal of the joker is a tie in to the above is Mark Hamill, in the animated series and also in the new games.

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