Horror….It’s not my thing

Posted by Crystal On May 10, 2011 4 COMMENTS

I absolutely loathe Horror – movies or novels.

When I was younger it was purely because I didn’t enjoy the sensation of being scared. I couldn’t (and still can’t) see how pants-wettingly scared = fun. My older sister told me about the movie ‘Poltergeist’ when I was quite small, and for months I couldn’t look at my wardrobe when I went to bed. I still haven’t seen the movie, and never intend to.

I still don’t enjoy being scared, but with older eyes I have become more desensitised. I can watch a horror or thriller without nightmares that night, but I still don’t enjoy it and will avoid it wherever possible. Apart from not enjoying fear, what I mostly hate about horror is that many Horror films now seem to have a very thin plot that is designed to thread together scenes of terror and gore. Some of these films are so bad, that it’s actually fun to make fun of them with friends.

Although, I’m sure there are stories out there I may enjoy if I gave them a chance. One of my favourite Doctor Who episodes is Blink, one of the most creepy ever. That episode, while I was creeped out, had me more engrossed in the story because the story was the focus and not the creepiness factor. I also admire the artistic quality of the film Let Me In, but I hated the story.

I guess to sum up, I’d have to say I don’t like watching gore for gore’s sake. Give me a fine story that I’ll be interested in, and I may give your Horror movie a go.

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  1. Jason Franks says:

    I recommend you ROSEMARY’S BABY, directed by Roman Polanski. Or, for that matter, Polanski’s NINTH GATE. Terrific, thoughtful horror movies with nary a cheap scare or gross-out in sight.

  2. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, Jason. Will keep in mind.

  3. nadia says:

    I suggest that you not concern yourself with the dislike of horror/thriller movies anyway, as they in this day and age are not worth a pinch of time on most true horror/thriller freaks T.V screens. A true Horror/Thriller movie/book should be an excellent story that like any other story takes you away and immerses you into another reality. Yes the basis of horror is to scare,frighten,terrify and or shock you! Though for me the best feeling of all is relief once the story is over you can sit back and say “wow that was an awesome story glad that didn’t really happen to me, i would have pee’d myself”. LOL.
    If you want some good horror/thriller with great storylines try the best in the business Alfred Hitchcock’s-Psycho, Rear Window,Birds the list goes on. Any H/T from those days are worth a look and I think you’d enjoy them, a lot from then will give you a more of a laugh than a scare today due to the lack of graphic eg: The fly.

  4. Crystal says:

    Very insightful comments, thanks Nadia. You’re right, I do like Hitchcock! I watched Vertigo a few months ago and enjoyed it very much. Helps that it has my all-time favourite actor in it too 🙂

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