Greenbacks for Green Lantern

Posted by David On May 1, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Is this the Blackest Night for the upcoming Green Lantern film?

Warner Brothers has handed the production team of Green Lantern an extra $9 million to ‘fix’ the visual effects, in time for the fast approaching release date.

If posts in the forums of many popular comic themed websites are any indication, the effects shown in the first trailer and then later at WonderCon left a vast majority of fans disappointed, specifically the entirely CGI Green Lantern suit and fully CGI alien Green Lantern Corp members.

Hopefully the extra money should give the production team the chance to correct some of these issues and make sure everything is perfect for the film’s August release date.

I don’t know if this is a panic mode knee jerk reaction, or that Warner Bros have recognised that there is a problem and are dedicated to ensuring that is the success it deserves to be. I hope it is the later. Either way, we’ll find out in August.

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