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Posted by Brian On May 30, 2011 1 COMMENT

Welcome to my second WoW spec – Conviction, a Discipline Priest DPS spec for leveling and PvP.

Click the link to open Wowhead and see the talents & Glyphs –




Shield > Holy Fire > Smite (until your Holy Fire debuff dissolves) > Penance.

If you want to throw in some more damage or a heal, then I recommend doing so after the Smite, and before the Penance, that way, you get the fullest effect from your Glyph of Smite. Keep your shield up at all times.


You will need a good amount of spirit, because this spec can be a bit of a mana hog.

If you want to do some healing, remember that your Smite heals a friendly target within 15 yards of your enemy target, for 100% of its damage (even more if you have just Holy Fired your enemy target!).


This is a spec that can prevent and deal damage very well. It has been tested for PvP as well as leveling, and soon to be tested in a few instances. The rotations are very simple, and can be improvised on the stop with little DPS loss.

The PvP test have gone very well, with the only complaint being mana replenishment. That aside, the healing and the damage have been above par, since after all, when this spec deals damage, it heals, and when it’s preventing damage, it deals it too.

UPDATE: I originally thought that this spec would run out of steam too easily for instances to really be of any use. However, contrary to my thoughts, this spec actually was never mana starved. Even with a disc priest as the healer, since that healers shields were better than mine thus preventing the talent that returns mana when the shield breaks, I only ran out of mana one time, which my shadow fiend promptly corrected. The specs damage was very nice, and also made “topping off” possible due to all of the damage spell’s healing potential. All in all…I wish I had made this spec sooner because the supposed benefits for the Shadow spec in Cataclysm were actually extremely contradictory and made leveling from 80 to 85 a chore, whereas I leveled from 83 to 85 with Conviction very smoothly.

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  1. Zendfrim says:

    Oh great WOW Yoda, please give a rogue pvp spec to help with ripping the ugly faces off the horde.

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