Amazing Spider-gate

Posted by David On May 25, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that this is indeed fake.

Is this the first teaser poster for the upcoming Spider-man reboot ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, or a not so clever fake?

Well, the jury is still out online, but I for one am siding with the majority screaming ‘Fake!’.

Let’s look at the evidence:

1. Spelling/Grammar:

– ‘IN JULY 3’ – instead of ON JULY 3

– ‘For future info fo to’ – ‘fo’ instead of ‘go’

– ‘In selected theatres’ – a bit weird using the English spelling of theatre, instead of the American ‘theater’

2. Billing:

Marvel Studios billed over Sony – It didn’t happen with the first 3 films, why now?

3. The font is awful

On the plus side, it does have it does have a pretty cool graphic, with what appears to Spider-man’s torn and bloody suit blending into the Lizard’s scales.

Fake or real, it has got me damn excited!

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