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Hi, my name is Brian, and welcome to the first WoW Yoda post.

I am an avid gamer, especially World of Warcraft and any co-op game I can play with my wife and family. One of the many things I enjoy about WoW is the customization with Classes. I really enjoy going against the standard specs and mixing things up for fun. WoW Yoda is where I will share my WoW Talent spec ideas with you all and hopefully show you some fun ways to play your toons. I am also available to answer spec questions.

These builds are for players who want to have a bit of fun, and are not intended for the hard line raiders who want to squeeze out every last point of DPS.

So, for my first build I introduce HolySlam, a Holy Paladin DPS spec that uses Holy Shock, Exorcism, and Judgement to slam down your enemies. I hope you like it.

Click the link to open Wowhead and see the talents & Glyphs – http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sbIrdrbhhbbGZcb:aMmmfzMmc


Exorcism x2 > Holy Shock > Exorcism x2, Judgement, then just rotating between Exorcisms until Holy Shock and/or Judgement are off of cooldown, and whenever you have 3 Holy Power, use Inquisition (if available), or use Word of Glory if you need the health. Then, when the enemy is almost dead, use your Hammer of Wrath. If you need a damage boost, you can use Divine Purpose, or Avenging Wrath.


Use Seal of Truth, Blessing of Kings and Retribution Aura


I have been doing some tests with holy slam, and the levelling with this spec has been awesome.  I have always had enough mana, once I upgraded all my gear to intellect, and the damage as well as healing has been above par.  Also, I could easily fend off groups of enemies by using Consecration and Holy Wrath, as well as throwing in a Divine Shield if necessary.  I would say that the main problem with the spec is worrying about caster delay when getting hit by enemy attacks however, that wasn’t even so bad considering that my exorcism casts in only 1.2 seconds (after Judgement).  Also if you are in peril, you can use your Holy Shock to give yourself a quick heal, followed up by a Word of Glory.  Also, with burning your Divine Plea cool down frequently enough, you will never have mana problems.

As for PvP, thus far since I have only completed about 4 matches, it has been doing surprisingly well.  I have only black smithing gear, but even when the tallies came up for damage and healing, I was in the top 50% for damage, and the top 25% for healing.  Now, this test was performed in AV so I know that this was partly due to some players at are standing in towers defending, however, during those tests, I was defending in the tower with them.  I still wouldn’t call this conclusive for PvP, but it does look very promising.

My test with holy slam was in the Halls of Origination.  Now, I’m not generally a huge high end instance person, but, this spec did surprise me at it’s effectiveness during the run.  However, there were some changes I had to make to prevent frequent situations of running out of mana.  For one, I had to use my Seal of Insight almost all the time.  The 15% of base mana as well as my HeartSong enchant and glyphed Divine Plea made it so I rarely had to drink from my supplies.  As for the damage chart, I was roughly 22-25% and second to only the Arcane Mage.  I didn’t really look at his gear to see what all he had, since I was testing my spec, and if they were from quests or from instances.

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