Podcast – Episode #116

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Episode #116 features:

NCP’s The Roast Special!

Guest starring: Mark Humphries, Jazz Twemlow & Seaton Kay-Smith!


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The Roast links



Podcast – Episode #111

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Episode #111 features:

Special Guest: Silhouette

Dust Jacket: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

Dust Jacket: Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt, Book I by R.A. Salvatore

Top 5: Top 5 90ā€²s TV Shows

Interview: Robert Maillet


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Oz Comic-Con Cosply Interviews

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Well it took a little longer longer than anticipated, but our Cosplay Interview videos from Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2014 are up!

Click here for the link!

Huge thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed. You all looked amazing and it’s always awesome to speak to such creative and wonderful people. We hope you enjoy the videos, and as always, comments are welcomed!

Hopefully we’ll have more from the upcoming Armageddon Expo, and I promise they’ll be up a lot sooner šŸ™‚


Interview with B.J. Blazkowicz

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Wtno-william-joseph-bj-blazkowiczWho’s kicked the most Nazi butt in the history of video games? B.J. Blazkowicz, that’s who!

Blazkowicz was introduced back in 1992 with his debut in Wolfenstein 3-D, a game that changed the course of video games forever. Blazkowicz was aĀ sergeantĀ in theĀ U.S. Army RangersĀ and then was recruited to theĀ United States Office of Secret Actions (OSA).

Fortunately, I was able to catch Blazkowicz for a few minutes to ask a few questions and he was gracious enough to sit down and answer them!


Podcast – Episode #101

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Episode 101

Episode #101 features:

News: Tom Taylor to write Superior Iron Man / Nicola Scott leaving DC / #FireRickRemender controversy / Female Thor / Doctor Who scripts leaked

Reviews: Our favourite ‘Bad’ movies –Ā  Robot Monster / Manos: Hand of Fate / The Room / Troll 2

Top 5: Our Top 5 Life Lessons from the movies


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Robot Monster is on Youtube! Check it out!

* Please Note – iTunes has this episode flagged as Explicit, but it isn’t, it was a mistake when uploading it. That’s what happens when you’re too excited watching Robot Monster instead of paying attention! šŸ™‚