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Posted by Crystal On May 6, 2011 1 COMMENT

When considering what to settle down to watch for our evening’s pleasure, we usually choose from David W’s array of collected viewing material, this time I suggested that maybe he’d like to choose something from my small (but carefully selected) collection.  I was surprised, yet delighted, when he chose K-PAX, having expressed reluctance to watch it in the past.

I first saw K-PAX at the movies years ago. It is not often I will walk out of a movie vowing to buy it as soon as it’s released on DVD, but this was one of those occasions. Having had to be frugal with my money, I would only buy a DVD if I deemed it ‘collection worthy’. This meant that it had to be something I would be certain to want to watch over and over.

K-PAX drew me into the story straight away, and kept me enthralled all the way through. I still enjoy watching it and pick up on new things each time I see it. Kevin Spacey does a wonderful job portraying PROT, who claims to come from the planet K-PAX. Jeff Bridges does an equally good job portraying the psychiatrist who goes out of his way trying to figure out the mystery of PROT while at the same time not realising how closed off he is becoming from his own family.

Light is used beautifully as a motif throughout the movie. I have always been fascinated by light and the way it reflects and refracts. From an artistic point of view it can be very beautiful.

At the end of the movie, we are still left with a few niggling questions but I don’t mind that. Things in life are rarely fully explained. I like that there’s a little bit of ‘what if?’ and ‘but how?’ left. I like a movie you can think about after you’ve seen it and keep working on the questions in your mind.

4 Lukes.

What is Token Girl?

Posted by David On April 9, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Token Girl is the section where Crystal can escape from all the testosterone from the other sections and offer her unique view as a female nerd.

I can’t wait!