Podcast – Episode #121

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Episode #121 features:

– Special Guest: Cam!

– Sony hacked!

– Marvel change the origin of Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

– Star Wars The Force Awakens character names revealed using awesome retro Topps trading cards

– Pirate Bay shut down

– Jerry Seinfeld VS Ross Geller

– World of Warcraft

– the Santa Claus conspiracy

– and much more!


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Hetalia: Axis Powers Review

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Hetalia Axis PowersHello everyone! I’m back again this week with another review. This time we’ll be discussing the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers. This anime is about the nations of the world, and how their arguments shape the world around them. However, Hetalia personifies these nations as actual people, which turns all of the hypothetical scenarios that your history teacher would say about countries “being buddies” all too real. Let’s jump right in.


Marvel VS Diablo

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marvel VS diabloI have always enjoyed action RPG games, but I have recently been torn between Marvel Heroes and Diablo 3. Both of these great games have excellent features yet are very fundamentally different. Especially when considering price.


Podcast – Episode #120

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Episode #120 features:

News: At the Movies to end / Target & Kmart pull Grand Theft Auto 5 from shelves after petition / Pat Broderick anti Cosplay comments

Reviews: Silver Surfer / Exodus: Gods & Kings / Fury

Top 5: Top 5 TV Shows we want to return


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How I Met Your Mother Review

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himym2Time for a change of pace! Instead of reviewing an anime or a movie this week, I’m going to be reviewing the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This is a great series with loveable characters, memorable moments, and the rebirth of iconic phrases. However, as much as I do enjoy this show, there is one thing about it that bugs me pretty badly…but I’ll get to that.