Zombie Awareness Month

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Calling all Zombie fans! May is Zombie Awareness Month and is the perfect time to follow the example of the good people at the Zombie Research Society and spread the message of the inevitable Zombie threat to your loved ones and the world.

Check out their site at – http://www.zombieresearch.org/ and arm yourself with knowledge. As they say, What you don’t know can eat you.

However, don’t follow the example of architect Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes in Poland.

Despite some early reports from internet users, his ‘Safe House’ is definitely not Zombie proof. At least without some substantial custom modifications.

The house features movable parts and folds in on itself completely at the end of the day to seal against outside threats.


















The Safe House has just one entrance, on the second floor, connected by a drawbridge. For extra security, after crossing the bridge, visitors have to wait within a safety zone before being let into the rest of the house. During the day, the house opens to create a courtyard and let in light.

While this sounds awesome for natural disasters like cyclones, it is terrible for a Zombie epidemic. Where is the secure perimeter? Where are the weapons? There is also no mention of an alternate escape route like a tunnel or helipad, so what happens if they manage to break down the roller door in the front? And with only one exit, what happens when you need to get out to forage for food? You may get in and out once or twice but eventually they will notice the weakness in the defenses and you wont be able to get out again.

But it does look cool.

So be informed and spread Zombie awareness to all, before the Zombie infection spreads itself!

Horror….It’s not my thing

Posted by Crystal On May 10, 2011 4 COMMENTS

I absolutely loathe Horror – movies or novels.

When I was younger it was purely because I didn’t enjoy the sensation of being scared. I couldn’t (and still can’t) see how pants-wettingly scared = fun. My older sister told me about the movie ‘Poltergeist’ when I was quite small, and for months I couldn’t look at my wardrobe when I went to bed. I still haven’t seen the movie, and never intend to.

I still don’t enjoy being scared, but with older eyes I have become more desensitised. I can watch a horror or thriller without nightmares that night, but I still don’t enjoy it and will avoid it wherever possible. Apart from not enjoying fear, what I mostly hate about horror is that many Horror films now seem to have a very thin plot that is designed to thread together scenes of terror and gore. Some of these films are so bad, that it’s actually fun to make fun of them with friends.

Although, I’m sure there are stories out there I may enjoy if I gave them a chance. One of my favourite Doctor Who episodes is Blink, one of the most creepy ever. That episode, while I was creeped out, had me more engrossed in the story because the story was the focus and not the creepiness factor. I also admire the artistic quality of the film Let Me In, but I hated the story.

I guess to sum up, I’d have to say I don’t like watching gore for gore’s sake. Give me a fine story that I’ll be interested in, and I may give your Horror movie a go.


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When considering what to settle down to watch for our evening’s pleasure, we usually choose from David W’s array of collected viewing material, this time I suggested that maybe he’d like to choose something from my small (but carefully selected) collection.  I was surprised, yet delighted, when he chose K-PAX, having expressed reluctance to watch it in the past.

I first saw K-PAX at the movies years ago. It is not often I will walk out of a movie vowing to buy it as soon as it’s released on DVD, but this was one of those occasions. Having had to be frugal with my money, I would only buy a DVD if I deemed it ‘collection worthy’. This meant that it had to be something I would be certain to want to watch over and over.

K-PAX drew me into the story straight away, and kept me enthralled all the way through. I still enjoy watching it and pick up on new things each time I see it. Kevin Spacey does a wonderful job portraying PROT, who claims to come from the planet K-PAX. Jeff Bridges does an equally good job portraying the psychiatrist who goes out of his way trying to figure out the mystery of PROT while at the same time not realising how closed off he is becoming from his own family.

Light is used beautifully as a motif throughout the movie. I have always been fascinated by light and the way it reflects and refracts. From an artistic point of view it can be very beautiful.

At the end of the movie, we are still left with a few niggling questions but I don’t mind that. Things in life are rarely fully explained. I like that there’s a little bit of ‘what if?’ and ‘but how?’ left. I like a movie you can think about after you’ve seen it and keep working on the questions in your mind.

4 Lukes.

Transformers 3 trailer

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I didn’t mind Transformers 1, but lets be honest, Transformers 2 was an absolute piece of garbage. Without outright admitting it, the makers of the Transformers films – Michael Bay and his posse – have indicated they missed the mark with 2 and are going in a slightly different direction for 3. Well, from the looks of the new trailer I’m calling ‘bullshit’. It still looks like a mess of over the top CGI mayhem. But to be fair, I didn’t see any robot testicles so I’m still holding out hope that it might be good. Judge for yourself and check out the trailer below:

Greenbacks for Green Lantern

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Is this the Blackest Night for the upcoming Green Lantern film?

Warner Brothers has handed the production team of Green Lantern an extra $9 million to ‘fix’ the visual effects, in time for the fast approaching release date.

If posts in the forums of many popular comic themed websites are any indication, the effects shown in the first trailer and then later at WonderCon left a vast majority of fans disappointed, specifically the entirely CGI Green Lantern suit and fully CGI alien Green Lantern Corp members.

Hopefully the extra money should give the production team the chance to correct some of these issues and make sure everything is perfect for the film’s August release date.

I don’t know if this is a panic mode knee jerk reaction, or that Warner Bros have recognised that there is a problem and are dedicated to ensuring that is the success it deserves to be. I hope it is the later. Either way, we’ll find out in August.