Amazing Spider-gate

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UPDATE: It has been confirmed that this is indeed fake.

Is this the first teaser poster for the upcoming Spider-man reboot ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, or a not so clever fake?

Well, the jury is still out online, but I for one am siding with the majority screaming ‘Fake!’.

Let’s look at the evidence:

1. Spelling/Grammar:

– ‘IN JULY 3’ – instead of ON JULY 3

– ‘For future info fo to’ – ‘fo’ instead of ‘go’

– ‘In selected theatres’ – a bit weird using the English spelling of theatre, instead of the American ‘theater’

2. Billing:

Marvel Studios billed over Sony – It didn’t happen with the first 3 films, why now?

3. The font is awful

On the plus side, it does have it does have a pretty cool graphic, with what appears to Spider-man’s torn and bloody suit blending into the Lizard’s scales.

Fake or real, it has got me damn excited!

Geek Pride Day is here!

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Well, not only is today Towel Day, but it is also Geek Pride Day! That’s right folks, Nerds & Geeks are taking over the world!

May 25th just may be the most important day of the year – Towel Day, Geek Pride Day, release date of Star Wars (in 1977), JFK announces his goal put a “man on the Moon” before the end of the decade (in 1961) and the first recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet (in 240 BC)!

Geek Pride Day started in 2006 in Spain when 300 people showed their pride by creating a human “Pac-Man” game. In 2008 US bloggers heralded it as a holiday and yet another reason to celebrate Nerdism was born.

So put on your favourite comic character T-shirt and carry around your sack of multi-sided dice – for today is the day Geeks and Nerds unite. And for all those who may mock your right to be the lovable nerd you are, ‘I say thee nay!’

Towel Day

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A reminder to all Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans that tomorrow, May 25th, is Towel Day. So remember the genius of Douglas Adams and take a towel with you to work or school, because ‘A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.’

Confessions of a Words With Friends Addict

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I really should be getting stuck into the next book we’re looking at on the Podcast but, instead I find myself drawn to my iPhone to check on my Words With Friends games.  I only intend to take a minute or two to check, but then I find myself trying to puzzle out a word that will fit on the board for maximum points and far more than two minutes have passed.

Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like game app for the iPhone by Zynga.  I currently have 7 games on the go. I’d rate my skill level as average, as I win slightly more than I lose, but there is one person I’ve never beaten (and am currently being thrashed by more than 100 points!), and one I beat only rarely.

It’s funny how I seem to get great scoring words in the games with the people who are closer to my playing level, and not so much with those who are far more advanced.  For example in some of the games against the more advanced players I’ll be stuck with all vowels or all consonants.  But maybe I just notice that more because I’m losing.

The game does let you have some bizarre words.  I have been thrashed by words I have never heard of before, and I’m sure aren’t able to be used in a sentence.  Still, it’s fun and gives an added dimension to the game if you know you may be able to fluke a cool high scoring word.

The game does have a tendency to freeze very occasionally.  It usually repairs itself, however on one memorable occasion I was just about to beat one of my tougher opponents when the game chucked a wobbly and crashed only for us to lose our game completely!  The funny thing is a few days later the game appeared in our game over list saying that my opponent had resigned (he hadn’t) and where there usually is a grey tile this one has a bright red tile with a NO symbol on it!

Overall I give Words with Friends 4 Lukes

First look at Tom Hardy as Bane

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Here is the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Night Rises.

The movie’s official site has been gradually revealing the image, but a genius from the Arkham City message board has found the whole image and it looks like the time Hardy’s been putting in at the gym has been well spent!

Hardy, best known from Star Trek: Nemesis & Inception, looks really menacing, and despite the mask and Venom-enhanced physique, looks totally believable in Nolan’s reality-based aesthetic of the films.

The Dark Knight Rises’ US release date is 20 July 2012.