Frog in a Blender‏

Posted by Brian On July 12, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

wizardThis Wizard build puts the enemies right where you want them. A spinning vortex that shreds away their life in a matter of moments. It only takes a few seconds to get enemies setup where you want them, but the reward is extremely high. This build is also extremely versatile if you have the Tal Rasha’s Elements set.!RZbc!

The main 2 attack skills for this spec are Energy TwisterWicked Wind and Black Hole- Supermassive. I recommend 1st using Energy Twister 2-3 times in the stop where you want a massive group of death to be. After that, follow it with a Black Hole. Thats pretty much it for just trash mobs. Of course, after you set the trap, your Electrocute-Arc Lightning can generally finish the job at close range, while Ice Armor- Frozen Storm constantly keeps cold damage on nearby enemies as well. Once you have this quick trap setup, you can also throw a few Meteors down on the same “Blender” (the twister and black hole) to add in a lot more damage onto the mix. The fun part is, due to those 5 damaging abilities, that has all 4 elements (Arcane, Cold, Fire, Lightning) covered, and has all enemies affected taking 20% extra damage for 5 seconds due to Elemental Exposure! Also, I’m sure some of you have wondered why Meteor does not have a rune on it. The reason being, is that if you were to pick Lightning Bind, Star Pact or Comet, you would lose your fire damage, and would cause enemies to only take 15% more damage from Elemental Exposure. And the reason for not taking Meteor Shower is due to it affecting too large of an area for the Blender, therefore dealing less damage. As for Molten Impact, you could go with it if you wanted, but I chose not to due to the cool down on Black Hole. Yes they are very close in how long they take to cool down, but its good to have more options than just Energy Twister and Electrocute while Black Hole is on cooldown. This will also allow you to keep the 20% bonus damage for as long as possible on your enemies since you can cast a Meteor with no rune more frequently.

On to survivability. Black Hole not only does good damage, but it also keeps enemies away from you, and can prevent them from attacking you. Blur negates a good amount of damage while Mirror Image-Duplicates can keep those enemies wondering which is the real 1 (plus they can also create their own Blenders, or allow a spot for you to make more of them). Evocation will keep the cool downs lower so you can make more Blenders, or keep Mirror Image running as frequently as possible.

Lastly, we have resource usage. This build does use a lot of Arcane Power, and of course time, due to having 2 cool downs in it. However, the reward is extremely potent. I did put in Prodigy to help alleviate some of this issue. Another choice is to switch Electrocute-Arc Lightning with the Surge of Power rune if Prodigy is not enough for you.

All in all, this is a very destructive build that keeps your enemies off of their toes, spinning around helplessly.

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